Tips on How to Sleep Better

Undoubtedly getting quality sleep is one of the ways to stay healthy besides having a good diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, not all people get good sleep. There are so many factors that could affect the quality of sleep one gets. It is important to do some self-reflection and find out if you could be among the people who are not getting good sleep.

How to Get Better Sleep

  • Try to increase your exposure to some form of bright light during the day: the human body has a way of sensing that it is time to sleep or wake up through the circadian rhythm that is considered to be the natural clock that keeps time in the body. Research indicates that people who are exposed to bright light during the day, preferably natural light, are likely to have a better functioning rhythm and have a good sleep.
  • Reduce blue light exposure before bed: Still on the circadian rhythm, if you are exposed to screens such as television, computers and phones a few hours before bed, you will find it difficult to get to bed. This is because your brain will be interpreting the blue light as daytime light and your rhythm will assume you should be awake.
  • Stop having several irregular naps: You should have a schedule for sleep where you try as much as possible to fall asleep at certain times of the day. Avoid irregular naps that end up interfering with your sleeping pattern.
  • Get a white noise machine: A white noise machine helps in releasing a calm sound that puts the listener in the right frame of mind and soothes them to sleep. This is also recommended if there are other sounds, such as the traffic that distracts you since the machine can muffle out other noises.
  • Resolve stress issues: If you have a stressful situation, make sure that you are working to resolve it since stress has been known to aggravate insomnia or sleeplessness. That is why if you are battling stress or depression, you should seek professional help. Always bear in mind that insomnia can lead to serious health complications that can even be fatal.
  • Get some exercise: If you lead a sedentary life, your body might have a difficult time knowing when it is time to sleep since you are always on a resting mode. Getting regular exercises also gets you exhausted, making you want to sleep. You should, however, avoid getting exercise immediately before going to bed.
  • Check your bedding: Sometimes the reason why you cannot seem to have a sound sleep is that something is wrong with your bedding. It could be that your mattress is sunken or too hard. It could also be because you are not warm enough, or you are too hot.