Proven Tips and Devices to Help Improve Sleep

Are you looking forward to improving your sleep quality? Try these simple tips to avoid tossing and turning at night, and help you sleep better.

Do Not Consume Coffee Late in the Day

Caffeine is good for your body because it stimulates your nervous system and enhances your energy levels, focus, and performance. If you take caffeine late in the day or just before bed, it’ll prevent your body from naturally relaxing. If you must do coffee, go with decaffeinated coffee.

Exercise During the Day

Physical exercise increases body temperature, speeds up metabolism, and stimulates hormones that improve sleep quality, such as cortisol. You’ll feel less sleepy during the day and get tired to fall asleep for long periods during the night. Take your cellphone after the exercise, place a few bets on Unibet or read inspirational quotes, and relax for an hour or two before retiring to bed.

Keep Away Your Smartphone

You may be among those people who play games or surf the internet before falling asleep. Smartphones and other devices tend to capture your attention and cause difficulty sleeping. Switch off the phone, mute it, or simply keep it away in a different room.

Put Off the Lights

Light during bedtime is disruptive to sleep. It may keep you awake for extended periods. Switch the lights off, cover up any electronic that emits light, use heavy curtains on windows to block away outside light, or wear sleep masks. If you must use light during the night, keep the lights down or try installing dim nightlights.

Gadgets to Improve Sleep

Find out which devices you can use to sleep better at night:

  • Rest Bed
  • Dreem Headband
  • SmartDuvet Breeze
  • Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch
  • Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake-Up light
  • Reverie 4M Adjustable Foundation
  • Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine

Follow the above tips and use any of the devices for a complete overhaul of your troubled sleep life.